[Northkeep] Hey Rosamund!

Kathy Herndon kathy-herndon at utulsa.edu
Tue Sep 4 13:54:30 PDT 2001

>Would it be possible to get together at Fighter Practice Wednesday
>eve?  I had sent something to you about Tuesday but still hadn't
>heard anything.  I fear my private e-mails to you are going awry,
>hence the public post. :-)

No, your e-mail did not go awry, I was simply not here to answer it.
I apologize for not letting you know I would be out of town.  I was
in Kansas all weekend with my parents (they had a lovely 43rd
Anniversary/celebrating dad's recovery party with 80 or so of their
friends).  I got in last night but was too tired to deal with e-mail.
I can't come to fighter practice tomorrow, because I will be at the
shoemaking class.  Will you be available earlier than 7?  Would you
rather do something Thurs?


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