[Northkeep] Oops!

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Tue Sep 4 23:13:46 PDT 2001

    I bet if we really tried, we could FIND/CREATE something
embarassing/inflammatory/both in your private message.  Such as, your use
of punctuation in the third line looks very suspicious to me.  Also your
tabs and indentations obviously are meant to convey a rabble-rousing
    Don't get me started on your capitalizations.

Catrin, insomniac & brainfried (in a lovely white wine sauce)

Kathy Herndon wrote:

> OK, now I've officially joined the "I posted a private message to the
> list" club!  I guess I can be thankful I didn't say anything
> inflammatory or extremely embarassing. . .
> Rosamund
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