[Northkeep] Shoemaking class

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Sep 5 07:34:45 PDT 2001

Faolan wrote:
> >>This gives me great excuse to not work late.

Marc replied
>Always happy to be of service :)

Ahh, with it on this side of town I might be able to make it.  The family
thing we have first is over at Sheridan and that isn't too much further.  I
will have to stop by EC leather this afternoon and get Kit a new awl.  If
anyone else needs anything else (resonably priced and you will pay me for
it, so no requests for hides as gifts) let me know and I will try to pick
it up.  I will be leaving here about 1 and will check mail before going out.

As usual, thanks Marc for offering this class.  Also, thanks to Puck and
Gabri for doing the rapier drills.  Thorvald for Pell Practice.  These have
been recent additions over the summer and are well appreciated.  Thanks
also to our Marshals; Lucan, Alton and Karl, for their ongoing efforts with
fighter practices and Lady Faolan for needleworkers.  Those who are
starting other guilds, this is wonderful and just gives us more
opportunities to grow as a Barony and build our strength.  Looking forward
to Scribal Guild, Leatherworks Guild, a possible Herbal Guild and any other
opportunities to get things going.  We also look forward to the
revitilization of things that have been, but are not currently
active.  These are very often the allure of newcomers and often how so much
of the acclimation to the society is done.

As one of my newcomer classes, I am wanting to sponser one on bardic arts
and focus on the songs of our Kingdom and Society to give a common base to
work from.  Those interested in coming to and or assisting in this class,
please contact me, Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net, so that I have some info
to work from on the planning as to when we would like to have this.  Also,
for those who aren't brand new but still finding their way (I was told that
having only been in 2 years I still qualify as a newcomer) if there are
things you are interested in doing and not sure where to find the info,
just ask me and I will do my best to find you what you are needing.

Susan the Curious
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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