[Northkeep] Baronial Polling

Trish Kvamme oneblondemuse at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 7 09:49:38 PDT 2001

As many of you know, my home was devastated by a tornado this week,
currently the damage estimate is at $80,000.00 and rising.

I was in the house when this happened, and while I am physically fine, I am
under some extreme pressure to deal with alot of issues quickly.

My daughter was in school at the time, and while no children were hurt, the
school was also hit, she is having nightmares, and I am concerned.

Construction on my home begins next week, and it will take 2 to 3 months.

I am writing you today regarding the polling and asking for maturity,
compassion and understanding at some of the changes I am offering.  I do not
wish to postpone the polling, so no one stress out.

I will be at Weisenfeure as planned to interview candidates.  For those of
you going to Diamond Wars or not attending Weisenfeure, you may start
sending me your polling letters now.

This is the information required.

Your SCA Name and Membership Number (if you have one)
Your mundane name, address, phone number and email address.

State who your first choice is, and then who your second choice is.

Send this information to:

Jeremy & Trish Kvamme
1603 Northland Street
Carrollton, Texas 75006

Please write in the bottom left corner "Northkeep Polling"

We will continue to receive letters from you until the Friday following
Weisenfeure.  We will announce Our decision at Crown Tournament.

I am still willing to conduct the polling the day after Weisenfuere, but ask
that because my children and my mundane life need me, that you be gracious
and either place the polling at Cimmeron so I don't get home at 2 am, or
that you find a place near site, not 2 hours or more away.

I realize I am asking you to make some changes, but I think that if you take
a step back for a moment and understand I am asking this because of a
serious mundane issue, and not to hurt your feelings, you will understand
the shoes I stand in currently.

I love you all dearly and want very much to keep this on track.

I hope you will all meet and find a way to make this easier on all of us.  I
am sorry that this interruption has occurred, but we have indeed asked the
Barony of Namron to keep their tornados in little boxes for the rest of our

In service I remain,


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