[Northkeep] airfare for her Majesty

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Mon Sep 10 08:56:22 PDT 2001

At 08:02 AM 9/10/01 -0700, Zahava wrote:
>>Who will be purchasing this ticket?

Excellent question.

Since this is being done by individuals for an individual, I suspect that we can skip having
Mercedes hold the hat :)

Lady Ismet, since you found the ticket deals, would you mind handling the arrangements for that?

Is there anyone who would like to handle holding the donations for this little venture?  Perhaps with
any excess going to assist Their Majesties other finances (Sound good)?   Since the spending money
part may have been my suggestion, I'd be happy to handle that part, although if anyone else wants to,
I'm happy to not hog all the fun :)

If no one else speaks up, we'll go ahead and do it (Talana will be at Needleworkers tonight, and
will start taking donations there).


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