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OK, we used Travelocity.com to find the fares.  (Un)Fortunately the web based ticketing services make it bloody near impossible to do third party ticketing.  They want to make sure the ticket is being bought by the owner of the credit card.

Third party ticketing will have to be done by direct call to the airline or  an agency by the card holder.  You'll have to have the name and address of the person being ticketed as well as yourself.  An e-ticket will be issued.  To claim it the traveller needs only a photo ID.   The invoice and confirmation will be mailed to the card holder.  [Yes, I had to do this recently.]


AA shows flights leaving TUL to DFW at:
4:00 flt 3736
4:40 flt 3656
5:08 flt 3735
5:57 flt 3534

DL shows:
5:16 flt 4809
6:25 flt 4829

There's a few earlier (prox 2:30) but that's probably too early.
Sorry, they're all turbo-props so the flight is approx 1h 10 min.  No jets until much later and it only cuts 10 min off travel time.   Tulsa will be one of the last AA cities to go all jet to Dallas.

Prices: $69.75 not including taxes and fees**.  (Probably another $10-15.)

**Predicated on 14 day pre-purchase.


"Trish Kvamme" <oneblondemuse at hotmail.com> wrote:

>I will be alone, I would like to get home reasonably eary as I have small
>Thanks eveyone, my house is covered with engineers at the moment.
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>>Actually I had already told Robert that I would handle buying the ticket on
>>our "emergency" credit card and then we can pass a hat at populace to pay
>>back.  I'm just waiting for Robert to get back to me on which flight HRM
>>prefers and to confirm that She will be alone.
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>> > At 08:02 AM 9/10/01 -0700, Zahava wrote:
>> > >>Who will be purchasing this ticket?
>> >
>> > Excellent question.
>> >
>> > Since this is being done by individuals for an individual, I suspect
>>we can skip having
>> > Mercedes hold the hat :)
>> >
>> > Lady Ismet, since you found the ticket deals, would you mind handling
>>arrangements for that?
>> >
>> > Is there anyone who would like to handle holding the donations for this
>>little venture?  Perhaps with
>> > any excess going to assist Their Majesties other finances (Sound good)?
>>Since the spending money
>> > part may have been my suggestion, I'd be happy to handle that part,
>>although if anyone else wants to,
>> > I'm happy to not hog all the fun :)
>> >
>> > If no one else speaks up, we'll go ahead and do it (Talana will be at
>>Needleworkers tonight, and
>> > will start taking donations there).
>> >
>> > Marc/Diarmaid
>> >
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