[Northkeep] Dionadair

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 10 16:46:59 PDT 2001

Greetings one and all,
My thanks to everyone who came to our little get together.
Congratulations to my compatriot, Angus, on his win.  It's about time.

I feel I owe most of you an apology and explination.   Many of you felt
the tourney took too long.  I agree.

This year saw the greatest number of entrants _EVER_.  The list had 19
entrants.  Unfortunately, this meant 14 bye fights.  The first several
years we had a good number of people in the list.  The tourney went
well.  As the number of entrants dwindled the tourney seemed too short
so we started fighting best 2 of 3 and we fought the byes.  We've kept
to that tradition so that everyone gets more chances to fight.
Unfortunately, since the available area did not permit a second field,
things took a long time.  The Chivalric community thanks you for your

I would also like to thank those who came from far away to play with us
and provide opponents for the bye fights.  It was a blast.

Finally, I want to thank Rosamund and Ismet for running the list table.
I know both of you came out planning on doing anything but being
listmistress.  Thank you for taking up the load under the need of the

	A votrè servîce,
		Herr-Domr Damon Hroarson
		The Honorable Lord Borrrendöhl

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