[Northkeep] Castellan

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Sep 17 16:44:29 PDT 2001

>As long as I'm at it -- does anyone have any idea who won the
>sub-categories in the adult competitions?

That is simple; Toinette, Toinette, Toinette, Toinette, Toinette,

As for the kids, this year Peggy won the Scavenger Hunt Questionaire in the
younger group, she thinks she also had the spear and ax throw but I'm not
sure.  Ludwig won the overall older Children's Castellan and also had the
Bardic, Archery, Rapier, Thrown Weapons (?) and Jousting (Kit thinks this
is it)

Last year, 2000, Kit won the older children's bardic.  Lord Boo won over
all older and it seems like he won everything else in the older kid
Castellan competition.  Youth Rapier was separate and Megan d'Augbiny won
it.  Olivia won the overall younger one and I don't remember what specific
things she won.

The MOS's who have ran these might have the names and specifics,


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