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Not having my notes here at work with me, I'll do the best that I can.

The children's activities had 2 age groups 6-11 and 12-17.  The areas are
the same for both age groups.

A&S - Antonio of Rundel (younger) and Olivia deCalais (older)
Bardic - Ludwig (older)
Archery - Anthony the Younger (younger) and Ludwig (older)
Prowess / Agility -
Quest - Peggy (younger) and Olivia deCalais (older)

I'm sorry, but as I said without my notes here at work, I could be mistaken
in the names of the winners, but these deffinately are the categories at
which I targeted the activities of the day.

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>>Yes, Marta's son, mundanely called Brett. Won the older children's
>>title this year.

So what are these titles and how many are there?  Also what are the other
awards for the adults,
and did Toinette really win ALL of them?


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