[Northkeep] airbed and other buys at Sams

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Thu Sep 20 11:23:44 PDT 2001

now zahava,
you stop that.  I was just telling perry that maybe i should start renting a
u-haul for my comforts at events and he nearly had a fit.  LOL
I reallllllyyyy want a big tent/pavilion with all the amenities, of course.

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> When I was there they had a buch of the pavillions,
> and said that they had enough in stock to refill the
> display (maybe 20 total?)  They are very nice, but do
> reqire a decient sized vehicle (or REALLY nice friends
> with a truck-- thank you Diethelm and Nadine!!!) I am
> hoping to find a paint the will stick nicely to the
> material without compremising the waterproof-ness.
> Which by the way was very very good at this last
> event-- the only problem that we had was water running
> under the tent which will be taken care of with a
> floor tarp.
> This all starts to remind me of... "You know you are
> in the SCA when--- you need a box-truck to get to an
> event!"
> Zahava
> --- Susan <catmafia at swbell.net> wrote:
> > A shopping notice for those who might be interested.
> >  We were at Sam's
> > today and found that they have a queen sized air
> > matress that has a battery
> > opperated blow up feature on it.  I know Catrin had
> > been asking about these
> > awhile back.  We payed $35 for it.  We also got a
> > pair of the new Coleman
> > folding chairs that are larger than the average and
> > the carring bag is
> > actually larger than the chair and zips, it also has
> > two straps so you can
> > wear it like a back pack. (incorporating almost all
> > of the things that
> > irritated me about the earlier models) for $16.  The
> > other thing we picked
> > up there recently was the set of cast iron cookware
> > that came in it's own
> > crate for carting around, I think it too was about
> > $35.  It included two
> > skillets, a dutch oven and a reversable griddle and
> > tote type things for
> > all of these.  I loved the recipes that told me how
> > many coals I needed to
> > put where and for how long to make things on a fire.
> >  Miriam also recently
> > picked up a large white pavillion like I had at the
> > Dionader and Ensign
> > Tourny, not sure if they still have more or not but
> > they were just $200 and
> > are 20' X 10'.
> >
> > I found these at the Sheridan and like 43rd store,
> >
> > Susan
> >
> >
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