[Northkeep] Calendar request

Stephanie Drake steldr at home.net
Tue Sep 25 11:00:56 PDT 2001

I think I like the non-yahoo one better - I like that you've put the saints
days and other holidays on the calendar.  Looks like there's a little more
room in the days on the website calendar.  It does mean more work for you

Speaking of dates on the calendar - I think Faolan (I can't spell her name)
Mary was going to up the Needleworkers night to two in October.  Does anyone
else who was at officer's meeting remember what other Monday?  Must have
been the third or fourth (since there are 5 in October)............

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> Ok, with the resounding success of the Yahoo Calendar idea, I've decided
to try something
> new.  Please take a look at the Baronial Calendar for October on the web
page (that's
> Northkeep.ansteorra.org in case you've missed it).   Would the people who
can do so, please
> compare it with the other baronial calendar (you can get to it from the
main Northkeep page as
> well) and tell me which, if either, you prefer.
> Each has pros and cons.  Anyone who is a member of that page can edit the
yahoo one, but
> for some reason (no matter what settings I try) only those people who are
members can
> view it (unlike Mooneschadowe's which is viewable by anyone).  On on the
main Baronial page
> would be editable only by a single person, or a small group of people, but
everyone can see it
> and make use of it.
> Marc/Diarmaid
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