[Northkeep] Polling Question

Ren Picard kateryne_la_esclopiera at juno.com
Wed Sep 26 22:26:34 PDT 2001

Hello Northkeep.

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I am thinking and
missing all of you; especially during this period of time.  I have sat
back and watch all of you so closely and have found only people to admire
and applaude for the way in which you have conducted yourselves
concerning the search for Baron and Baroness.  Most places would have had
a hat fight, but you all have truly proven yourselves to be honorable and
nobel with the way you have done.  Northkeep having been my first home of
the SCA, I take pride in your actions and raise my mug to you!

Good luck to all and may the Barony be blessed with great things!!!
Kateryne la Escolpiera
aka Ryn the Gimp
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