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Dennis England sirbalvin at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 28 22:52:03 PDT 2001

Thanks Etienne.

We have a lot going on over here this weekend.  I'm thinking I'm just gonna
go say hi to folks maybe do some pick up fights and come back home.  It
would certainly simplify life on this end.

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> Sir Balvin wrote:
> >Does anyone know any kind of general idea of an itinerary for
> >tomorrow?  Will feast be before or after the tourney.  Anything
> >going on during the day?
> Don't know for sure but...
> Feast is usually before the tourney.  Court is usually before the
> tourney.  Late tourney.
> During the day I know there is a bardic competition, an omlette
> breakfast is scheduled (proceeds to one of the charities helping out
> with the aftermath of the terrorist attack) for Saturday morning.  If
> I remember correctly, there is usually archery and probably Knife,
> Axe, and Spear.  I presume A&S display if not competition during the
> day.
> If I remember the Black Star correctly, there is a Laurel Circle and
> a White Scarf Circle.
> Etienne
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