[Northkeep] Polling Question

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Sun Sep 30 09:34:18 PDT 2001


I just got back from Wiesenfeurer and caught your note.  If you read
this before coming to the polling, here's my answer which may or may
not be correct.

Their Majesties received ballots up until Friday of this week and it
is my understanding that they have already looked at those.  Based on
the polling today, and the ballots they have already received, if
there is a clear cut choice it would be by a significant enough
margin that ballots mailed this week would not make a difference.  If
the choice is not clear cut by a significant enough margin, then you
still have this week to mail it.

You might go ahead and bring Eric's ballot with you, in a sealed
envelope.  But to avoid any possibility of even the appearance of
tampering, Their Majesties have asked that the person submitting the
ballot do so individually and not through another person.  Her
Majesty may take it and she may not.


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