[Northkeep] Bardic info for the Demo in September

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Aug 2 10:55:40 PDT 2002

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The other thing, this one isn't as time sensitve but may take the bards
(using broad definition, including all performance arts) awhile to put
together.  Kit, in coordinating it, is wanting to use something she saw
Darius doing at Steppes Warlord and then addapting it to fit the demo
format.  Having each bard (preformer as we would like drummers, dancers,
jugglers, musicians, magicians... too) send us info on themselves.

To include:
    * 'known by' name
    * Persona name, with any notes on pronounciation
    * any background on your persona that the audience might be interested
in knowing, this can then be used to introduce you
    * works you are willing and able to perform for that day
        * list as many as you have that you have prepared and are ready for
public performance
        * tell what type of piece it is
        * mood it sets, so we can place things into the flow of events
        * size of audience it is appropriate for
            * this will cover things such as
                * small group of children
                * for lovers
                * active song
                * for large audience and the voice to be heard by all
                * for court
                * any other setting you feel defines the piece or what it
would go well with
        * props you will need for it
        * length it takes and if it isn't a set time like for a jester, a
range of time you are comfortable preforming
        * any particular strengths you have in the performance, such as a
rip roaring war song that will get the people in the mood for the tourniment
        * other things you will be doing that day, to know what to schedule
    She will then put this info on large index cards to be able to fit
bardic performances around the day.  It will save us from asking someone to
perform a piece they don't remember all the words to and other situations
that don't show bards to their best advantage.  We can then save this and
use them as a format for use in other demos.

    Thank you so much for this info and your participation,

    who is in a list making mode

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