[Northkeep] Fwd: [NorthkeepFighters] Changes in the format Dionader

Angus Mac angusmacn at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 7 16:22:05 PDT 2002

Only a month untill the Dionader Tourney

So I am reposting the original message. Any Changes will be discussed at
the end of this posting..............

> From: Angus Mac <angusmacn at yahoo.com>
> Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 14:21:55 -0800 (PST)
> Subject: [NorthkeepFighters] Changes in the format Dionader
> After discussion with their Excellences, I have decided to change the
> format of the Dionader.
> No Excuses
> No Apologies
> I won it and I am changing it
> If you wanna run it next year
> then all you got to do is win it this year.
> New Format:
> 1st Round Sword and shield
> 2nd Round 6' Glaive
> 3rd round 2 handed Ax ( 48-60 inch )
> 4th Round Great Sword  ( None Shorter Than Sir Balvin's Sword )
> 5th Round Fish Bat( 28 inch max, No Basket, No Off hand Parry )
> Swiss 5
> Best 2 of 3 for each round
> After 5 rounds if there is no clear winner
> Everyone with the least losses will go into a standard
> best 2 of 3 single elimination round
> with the weapons styles repeated in the same order as the first 5 rounds
> I have not decided how to do by's for this round yet ( i will take
> comments from active fighters on this subject, off list if you please)
> Everyone will be allowed to fight in the 1st 5 rounds
> Only LOCAL Fighters will be allowed to Win the Dionader but there will
> be
> other prizes to bribe our Northern Brothers to come play with us.
> I am presently working on a "Determine your own Fate" Blind draw to
> determine Pairings for each round.
After much thought on the matter, I think all the names will be put in a
hat and I will blind draw pairs every round. If we have an Odd number of
fighters then We will just have to dig up another fighter...
> Tenetive date is sept 14 ( check the calender as the day approaches for
> Changes)
> Finally I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the tourney being interrupted with
> rounds
> of Rapier fighting, Dancing, kids kicking field goals or any other such
> non-sense. we are here to fight
> Thank you
> More to come later
The sign up will start around 9:00 and end promptly at 10:30
we will be paired off and fighting by 11:00
Everyone is incouraged to stay in armor and stay close the list field as
you will not know when or who you fight untill it is your turn.

> Angus MacKnochard
> Dionader Northkeep
> =====
> Angus MacKnochard
> Anda GDH
> Dionader Barony Northkeep

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