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Dandi11382 at aol.com Dandi11382 at aol.com
Wed Aug 7 22:37:52 PDT 2002

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Hello Friends and Love ones...
  IM sorry we haven't been Around. But our sweet girl (Brit) has been in and
out of the hospital again. This last 10 months is a nightmare. Its been a
living nightmare! And the Laptop went dead... So emails have been min.  Had
to get a new piece for the putter so decided to go ahead and fix the Home
  Brits not doing to good. We are back in the Hospital. We just cant seem to
get through the Rape issues. And no one can reach her it seems... All she
wants in her state is to take her own life ... or mutilation to remove the
hurt with hurt... My beautiful Daughter is so lost...
  Now that a putter is running Ill try to visit or come to a few outings, but
unsure about what time is free... Hospital and/or Therapy Life are very long
and trying... And never really sure if its the Hospital or Therapy we're at
from night to night since It depends on her personally change or if she just
bottoms out if we dealing with just a self destruction and head to Therapy or
farther damage attempts and its the Hospital... So don't forget us in your
thoughts ... just life is so messed up for Brit and all of us, but we're
trying to save her from the damage that was done to her....
  Your Emails and ECards are very thoughtful and are well needed...Thank you
for being here and there and all over the world for me, her and the family...

Hopefully wishing to visit soon with you...

Ly Verdandi Gormsdottir
The printed page was like wine to me.
- Robert E. Howard -

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