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Some books that might be of interest.............
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Dear Colleagues,

The David Brown Book Company is pleased to announce the following new
(Additional descriptions are below)

Stepping Through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times
by Olaf Goubitz, Carol van Driel-Murray and Willy Groenman-van Waateringe
Available in mid September, back orders welcome

Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England
by Mary Savelli
Available now

Archéologie des textiles des origines au Ve siècle
edited by Dominique Cardon and Michel Feugére
Available late September, back orders welcome

Regionality in Dress Accessories in the late Roman West
By R. Reece
Available late September, back orders welcome

English Martial Arts (new paperback edition)
by Terry Brown
Available November, back orders welcome

Stepping Through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times
by Olaf Goubitz, Carol van Driel-Murray and Willy Groenman-van Waateringe
Drawing on 25 years' experience as a conservator of leather, Goubitz
presents a typological catalogue of footwear dating from 800-1800 AD. The
study is based on Goubitz' analysis of an important assemblage of shoes
recovered from excavations at Dordrecht in the Netherlands but the
aim is to offer guidance for the identification of shoes found on sites
across north-western Europe. In addition, contributions from van
Driel-Murray and Groenman-van Waateringe examine evidence for shoe types
prehistoric Europe and the north-western provinces of the Roman Empire,
periods which inevitably have left less evidence. The fully illustrated
catalogue follows a comprehensive discussion of shoes styles and
including height standards, iconography, material, patterns, stitches,
soles, the identification and dating of fragments and conservation. The
volume should prove a useful tool for Roman and, especially, medieval
historians and archaeologists. 396p, many b/w illus (Stichting Promotie
Archeologie 2001)
ISBN 9070104469. Hardback. Price US $80.00
DBBC Price: US $63.00

Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England
by Mary Savelli
The first chapter provides an introduction to the Anglo-Saxon kitchen,
cookery and supplies, background information about households, drinks,
cooking techniques. This is followed by forty-six recipes, including the
rather disappointingly named Chicken Salad, Bean Soup, Cheese Spread and
Spice Loaf, enabling the reader to enjoy a mix of ingredients and
that were widely known in Anglo-Saxon England. 74p (Anglo-Saxon Books
ISBN 1898281289. Paperback. Price US $7.95
DBBC Price: US $6.36

Archéologie des textiles des origines au Ve siècle
edited by Dominique Cardon and Michel Feugére
A collection of 25 illustrated papers, from a conference held in Lattes
1999, which examine the archaeology of textiles from the earliest
to the 5th century AD. Subjects include: 6000 year old textiles from the
Judaean Desert; prehistoric textiles from Iberia, Switzerland, Gaul and
Eastern Europe; spinning and weaving in Greece; dyeing establishments in
Greece; textile production in 3rd-century BC Egypt; textile production in
Roman literary sources; Palmyra textiles; the Mons Claudianus textile
project; Roman garments from Mons Claudianus. 13 English papers, 11
and 1 Spanish. 290p, 4 col pls, many b/w illus and figs (Monographies
Instrumentum 14, Monique Mergoil 2000)
ISBN 2907303430. Paperback. Price US $54.00
DBBC Price: US $48.60

Regionality in Dress Accessories in the late Roman West
By R. Reece
Swift examines the spatial distribution across Europe of selected dress
accessories: crossbow brooches, glass beads, copper alloy bracelets and
buckles and belt fittings. A typology for each class of find is
and maps chart the progression of each feature as far as Britannia, Gaul,
the Danube and Pannonia in the east. The distribution patterns are then
compared between the accessories to determine what this reveals about
activity in the west during the 4th century AD. The analysis is
by illustrations of artefacts, maps, diagrams and a detailed catalogue.
312p, 272 b/w figs and maps (Librairie Archéologique 2000)
ISBN 2907303341. Paperback. Price US $53.95
DBBC Price: US $48.60

English Martial Arts
by Terry Brown
This book investigates the weapons, history and development of the
fighting system and some of the beliefs and social pressures that helped
mould it. The second half examines various English fighting techniques
drawn from historical texts and manuscripts including bare-fist fighting,
broadsword, quarterstaff, bill, sword and buckler and sword and dagger.
240p, 220 photos (Anglo-Saxon Books 1997, new paperback edition
November 2002)
ISBN 1898281297. Paperback. Publishers Price: US $29.50
DBBC Price: US $23.60


In addition, we have stock of several titles that we would like to offer
special prices.  Stock of some of these books is limited (sometimes with
only one or two available) so I encourage you to place your orders now.

Buckles 1250-1800
by Ross Whitehead
A wide range of documentary and pictorial sources indicate how buckles
used on personal dress, and archaeological and metal-detector discoveries
augment this knowledge. This book is a handy guide to identification that
will be as useful to curators as collectors. 126p, 785 illus (Greenlight
Publishing 1996)
ISBN 189773817X. Paperback. Price US $18.00
DBBC Price: US $16.20

The Warp Weighted Loom
by Marta Hoffmann
This is the classic study of the warp-weighted loom. Marta Hoffmann
with the surviving examples in northern Scandinavia and works back
time picking out the evidence from artefacts and weaving implements back
the Mediterranean civilisations. Frequently reprinted. 426p with photos
drawings (Originally pub 1964)
ISBN 8200080943. Paperback. Price US $16.95
DBBC Price: US $15.25

A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food: Processing and Consumption
by Ann Hagen
Information from various sources is here brought together to build up a
picture of how food was grown, conserved, prepared and eaten during the
period from the beginning of the fifth century to the eleventh century.
specialist knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon period or language is needed, and
many people will find it fascinating for the views it gives of an
aspect of Anglo-Saxon life and culture. 170p. (Anglo-Saxon Books 1993)
ISBN 0951620983. Paperback. Publishers price US $14.95
DBBC Price: US $11.96

A Second Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink
by Ann Hagen
This book is a companion to the popular first Handbook by Hagen that
explored food processing and consumption. It brings together for the
time information from various primary, secondary and archaeological
in order to build up a composite picture of the production and
of food during the Anglo-Saxon period. A vast amount of information on
livestock, cereal and vegetable crops, fish, honey, and fermented drinks
included, together with related subjects such as hospitality, charity and
drunkenness. 409p. (Anglo-Saxon Books 1995)
ISBN 1898281122. Paperback. Publishers price US $24.95
DBBC Price US: $19.96

The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy
by Odile Redon, Françoise Sabban and Silvano Serventi
'To open this book is to set your mouth watering. You will grow hungry
scanning the table of contents and coming across dishes such as
(roast wild boar in spiced sauce), San Vincenzo's Day Grilled Eel, or
Chicken Ambrogino with dried fruit. For the reader, the rich, subtle
language of the recipes in this book will be a feast in itself; it will
fill you with a sense of well-being' - so says Georges Duby.
This book includes authentic, well-researched recipes which have been
adapted for modern cooks with a discussion of each dish and an appendix
with the original texts. Originally published in French as La gastronomie
au Moyen Age. 300p, 12 col pls (English ed Chicago UP 1998)
ISBN 0226706850. Paperback. Price US $18.00
DBBC Price: US $16.20

The Horse in the Middle Ages
by Ann Hyland
The horse is a strong and pervasive image in much medieval iconography
literature. A paradox often exists between the working horse, used for
traction in the fields, carrying people or goods, and the warhorse or
used for sport and leisure. Ann Hyland discusses all these different
of horse, owned and used by all levels of society, as well as the
infrastructure that supported them: the smiths, farriers, grooms,
and breeders, traders and dealers. Although the principle focus is on
England, reference is made to areas abroad, especially the east. A
comprehensive study and an interesting read accompanied by many
illustrations. 180p, b/w pls and illus (Sutton 1999)
ISBN 0750910674. Hardback. Publishers price US $35.95
DBBC Price: US $15.98

Horse Power
by Juliet Clutton-Brock
Authoritative history of the domestication of horses and their use for
transport and traction, from ancient Egypt to the Civil War. 192p, b/w
col pls (Natural History Museum 1992)
ISBN 0565011677. Hardback. Publishers price US $33.00
DBBC Price: US $9.98

Wagon, Chariot and Carriage
by Stuart Piggott
Piggott here expands on his lifelong study of the technological and
history of early land transport to look at vehicles and mounts as symbols
of status and eminence. His survey covers every aspect of the subject in
Europe and the East from the second millennium BC to the ceremonial
carriages of English royalty in the nineteenth century. 184p with figs
plates. (Thames and Hudson 1992)
ISBN 0500251142. Hardback. Price US $29.95
DBBC Price: $17.98

English Medieval Industries
edited by John Blair and Nigel Ramsay
An excellent study of medieval crafts, the tradesmen, their materials,
working techniques and the sale of their finished products, with essays
the principle industries and lots of illustrations. Newly available as a
paperback. 446p, 204 illus (Hambledon 1991, Pb 2001)
ISBN 1852853263. Paperback. Price US $30.00
DBBC Price: $27.00

Anglo-Saxon Runes
by J. M. Kemble
This essay on Anglo-Saxon runes first appeared in the journal
for 1840; it drew on the work of Wilhelm Grimm, but broke new ground for
Anglo-Saxon studies in its survey of the Ruthwell Cross and the Cynewulf
poems. This edition includes new notes and translations of the Latin and
Old English material quoted in the text. 75p with text figs. (Anglo-Saxon
Books 1993)
ISBN 0951620916. Paperback. Price US $12.95
DBBC Price: $10.36

by Stephen Pollington
This dictionary and thesaurus makes accessible the core vocabulary
to Anglo-Saxon life and culture. Words in the dictionary are encoded for
easy cross-reference to the thesaurus which has over fifty headings, such
as art, church, evil, kin, time, warfare, wealth and so on. 233p.
(Anglo-Saxon Books 1993)
ISBN 1898281025. Paperback. Price US $19.95
DBBC Price: US $15.96

Leechcraft: Early English Charms, Plant-Lore and Healing
edited by Stephen Pollington
A comprehensive and detailed examination of every aspect of the early
English approach to illness and healing, including a full list of the
plants used and the properties they contain. Other themes include
witchcraft, magic and paganism and appendices present healing theories,
amulets, causes of disease, charms, dreams, omens and tree-lore. Three
Old English texts are reproduced in full, accompanied by new
Bald's Third Leechbook, the Lacnunga Manuscript, and 'The Old English
Herbarium' Manuscript 5. This is a fascinating work of reference, packed
full of information and interesting details. 539p, 28 b/w figs, tbs
(Anglo-Saxon Books 2000)
ISBN 1898281238. Hardback. Publishers Price: US $39.50
DBBC Price: US $31.60

Monasteriales Indicia: The Anglo-Saxon Sign Language
edited with notes and translation by Debby Banham
This is one of the very few texts which let us see how life was really
lived in monasteries in the early Middle Ages. Written in Old English and
preserved in a manuscript of the mid-eleventh century, it consists of 127
signs used by Anglo-Saxon monks during times when the Benedictine Rule
forbade them to speak. These indicate the food the monks ate, the clothes
they wore, and the books they used in church and chapter, as well as the
tools they used in their daily life, and persons they might meet both in
the monastery and outside. The text is printed here with a parallel
translation. The introduction gives a summary of the background, both
historical and textual, as well as a brief look at the later evidence for
monastic sign language in England. Extensive notes provide details of
textual relationships, explore problems of interpretation, and set out
historical implications of the text. 96p. (Anglo-Saxon Books 1991)
ISBN 0951620940. Paperback. Price US $12.95
DBBC Price: US $10.36

The Great Household in Late Medieval England
by C.M. Woolgar
Based on household accounts, and other related documents, Woolgar sheds
light on life in some of the great English medieval houses (1200-1500).
examines routines, weekly and annual patterns of activities, observances
births, childhood, marriages, death and burial; from the mundane and
routine (preparation and serving of meals, servant duties, furnishings,
hygiene) to entertainment, travel, religious and intellectual life. A
comprehensive, illustrated survey of life in a medieval house. 254p, 6
figs, 11 tabls, 2 maps (Yale UP 1999)
ISBN: 0300076878, Publishers Price: $40.00
DBBC Price: US $15.98

Medieval Celebrations: How to Plan Holidays, Weddings, and Feasts with
Recipes, Customs and Costumes
by Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly
`Even if you have never hosted a party before and your knowledge of the
Middle Ages is limited to a few Robin Hood movies, you can host a
banquet, with the aid of this book, that no one is likely to forget. And
there are enough historical tidbits thrown into this book that by the day
of your banquet you will sound like an authority on medieval history' -
from the introduction. This book provides a solidly historical guide to
reconstructing a feast and includes a calendar of medieval holidays,
medieval manners for hosts and guests, menus and recipes, patterns for
creating authentic medieval costume, rules for medieval games and music
dances. If you really want to go the whole hog, there are even chapters
staging a medieval wedding or a complete medieval Christmas... and some
pictures of American re-enactors doing just that! 149p (Stackpole 2001)
ISBN 0811728668. Paperback. Price US $19.95
DBBC Price: US $17.95


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