[Northkeep] Various things

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Aug 15 22:59:14 PDT 2002

I am about do do some major 'sifting through of things' and want to make
sure that anything we may have borrowed, gets returned to it's rightful
owners.  So please let me know if the girls or I have borrowed something
and completly forgotten about it.

I am used to being absent minded, now it seems my computer is too.  I have
found that several of the e-mails I have sent recently haven't gotten where
they were supposed to and I haven't a clue of the same thing is happening
on incoming mail.  So, if you have sent me a mail that I have failed to
reply too, please resend as I check and reply to all the mail in my
non-list in box daily.  This goes expecially for any newcomers, I am sorry
if I have inadvertantly left you hanging.

Other than that, as a preemptive strike to any rumors and to save trying to
tell everyone individually.  Yes, we are looking at moving.  Jim is
supposed to be on a two year contract to Wal-Mart headquarters and two
weeks of his 3 hour daily commute and memories of him only home on weekends
this last year, we are looking at options for relocating over there.  As it
is, the contract isn't signed yet and all of this is tentative, so I
haven't a clue as to when I will  be going if that is what is too
happen.  Other bit, Kit is going to spend the year in Tahlequah with my
mom, as all of her best friends are over there and she wanted to be with
them and the classes sounded intreaging, we should watch out as she has an
awsome teacher for Drama, so bards beware...  With her there, we will be
spending quite a bit of time with the fledgling group in Tahlequah and look
forward to you all joining us for as much as you can.  Saturday with sewing
and bardic revelry at the creek should be a blast, it is a garb optional
thing (for sewing in a tigger tog is not something I want to see)  Contact
me if you need the details, they were posted here in the last week.  I
think that is the update on us, please pass on the info to any you think
might want to know who aren't on the list.

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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