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Sun Aug 18 15:42:41 PDT 2002

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Lady Ciana O'Hara
Chronicler, Barony of Northkeep

Okay Jim obviously you haven't read all of the posts on this topic!!  Dairmaid did write to her off-list and she failed to respond!!  So he cut her off!!  Everyone is coming down on him...unfairly....he only did his job!!

1.  This girl herself is a blonde...bottle but she is blonde and has been for years...and
2.  There is no embarrassing her...trust me I know this bitch!!

unfortunately lady ciana ,
you have just done the same thing that she is being punished for .

it doesn't matter if she can be embarrassed or not.
the fact remains that ( as you have shown in your response )
people are attempting to degrade her verbally .
( and probably in person as well )

she tells a BLOND joke which COULD be offensive to others .
you call her a B__CH , which IS offensive to others.
( as was mentioned earlier , about unsupervised children reading the list .. )

if it wasn't taking up so much bandwidth it would almost be funny .
2nd grade recess all over again .

the" we can do anything we want cause we're cool ,
but lets teach them a lesson ,cause their not "
attitude spreads because no one wants to admit they are acting childish.

since the local " sca family " is doing the brother sister  fight for attention routine...
where's " sca mom and dad" to step in and stop it ??

( or are we waiting for the system to come in and fix it ?? )


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