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Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
Tue Aug 20 17:17:43 PDT 2002

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I have had a couple of inquiries as to where to get feathers and points for
the arrow shafts we will be ordering after populace. So here are a few
options and the costs involved.


Trueflight pre cut in assorted colors, can be ordered with the arrow shafts
which we will be buying from f and s discount archery for about $19 for a 36
pack....remember that is exactly the number needed to 3 fletch a dozen
arrows.....you might want to buy 2 sets of different colors if you want your
nock feather to be a different color as most arrows are done.

True Flight Full length feathers are also available for $19 for 36 feathers
and if you shoot 3 to 4 inch fletches you can get 2 or 3 fletches per
feather......but you must have a way of cutting or burning the feathers to
the desired shape. (if you burn them do it outside or you WILL be single if
you have a signifigant other) Once again you will probably want 2 sets of
different colors.

Bulk Turkey Feathers from Rainbow Feathers- Here is the cheapest way to get
fletches......also the most work......raw feathers straight from the bird by
the ½ lb or lb. depending on various options they will cost you  from $25 to
$45 per pound, A pound of Turkey feathers is about 250 to 350 feathers once
again you get 2 to 3 fletches per feather BUT and I say BUT again. Now you
have to split the feather, grind the quill, and cut or burn the desired
shape. But then again you get a lifetime supply of fletches for the same
amount as enough for 1 dozen arrows. These you will have to order on your
own......by the way this is how I am going to do it most period way other
than hunting the turkey myself.


various types from $6 - $15 a dozen or $10 to $40 a hundred pack I suggest
you go to Arrowhead archery and look at the different types and buy your
favorite ones either from there or mail order. BE SURE TO MATCH YOUR NOCKS
SIZE TO YOUR SHAFT SIZE if you have a 5/16 shaft get nocks for 5/16 ect.


Field points or target points are best for what we do in target archery.get
the lightest you can get for your shaft size, will cost you approx $4 a dz
have a 5/16 shaft get nocks for 5/16 ect.


I prefer Fletchtite for the Vanes and nocks $3 and ferr-l-tite for points $3

Finishes and paints for the shafts
Too many to go into and the price varies tremendously if you have questions
regarding this contact me privately.

Diethelm Waltorfer
Archery Marshal Northkeep

Derek Wilson
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Dollar Rent A Car Systems Inc.

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