[Northkeep] Achery practice and the buying of Arrowshafts.

Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
Wed Aug 28 10:07:15 PDT 2002

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Just a couple of notes here:

1.	Thursday's archery practice is still on (even though I'm not even
close to being ready for this weekends event)
2.	Thursday is the last day in which you can get me money to order
shafts/arrow making supplies this time around.
3.	Sundays archery practice will be cancelled ( either still gonna be
at the event or recovering at home)
4.	Still need a deputy......what can I do to entice someone to help me
out here.....access to the bowyers shop once I have it completed?
5.	I hope to see all of you who have been coming out to shoot at the
archery competition at Baronial this weekend, Lets show the rest of the
region that we have an archery force that's as good as our fighters!

Shoot Straight, Shoot Fast, if they don't fall shoot'em again.

Diethelm Waltorfer
Archery Marshal Northkeep

Derek Wilson
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Dollar Rent A Car Systems Inc.

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