[Northkeep] garb for weekend

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu Aug 29 17:53:20 PDT 2002

We have had several garb requests and are yet again pushed in the number of
XL items we have.  As a requests to the fighters who want more people to
beat on, give me your old garb.  Then we will have a better retention and
addiction rate of the ones who make an event with friends.

So for the good of the Barony and for more fighters to beat apon, please go
through the garb and find the big items you have outgrown or are in colors
you don't want to wear again or never quite fit right and send them into
our loaner garb coffers.  This will be to the benifit of all.  For those
who have none to offer, but want to help, we have fabric available and
would love to have you make some garb.  Having sorted through the garb,
there appear to be many things people thought would be a good idea and
ended up not working for them, so think of this as free fabric for you to
run your pattern up in first, to make all your adjustments on before
cutting into the expensive fabric...

Also, announcement of another deputy.  I have been in conversations with
Jen down in Carlile Keep (was Middleguard) and she will be my deputy that
is covering that area.  She is there, we have Meryn and Kit in Tahlequah
and then the others who focus on the Tulsa area.  If we have others in the
far flung reaches of the Barony who would like to help in the Hospitaller
office, please contact me off list to discuss it.

For those at Baronial who can take an extra tunic or two to loan out for
the day, contact Meryn so she can find you if she needs.  If there is
anyone else going who needs loaner garb, contact Meryn,
<butrflykyssis at yahoo.com>, or I tonight and she will have it with her at
the event, if it is a size we have.

Susan, your friendly neighborhood hospitaller

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