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Umm... that is a royal round:)

XXV Annual Interkingdom Archery Competition
Updated 1/30/2002
by Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the Interkingdom Archery Competition

The IKAC consists of five Divisions: Open Handbow, Open Crossbow, Period
Handbow, Period Crossbow and Children's Division. The starting date is 1
February and the ending date is December 1.

Prizes will be given in each Division to the top three archers of the
winning Kingdom, It is further hoped that each Kingdom will encourage the
efforts of their archers by awarding further recognition. The final scores
as well as the monthly will be sent to the Kingdom newsletters.


The IKAC consists of twelve rounds: two static (or "untimed") rounds at 40,
two timed (or "speed") rounds at 40, two static rounds at 30, two timed
rounds at 30, two static rounds at 20 and two timed rounds at 20. For the
Children's Division, the distances are 10, 15 and 20 yards respectively.
Everything else is the same. The static rounds will consist of six arrows
each. There is no limit on the number of arrows that can be shot in the
timed round. Once again: this means that each archer will shoot at each
distance four times, two static and two timed. Note: The distances must be
measured out, not paced.


There is no time limit for the static rounds. Each timed (or "speed") round
is to be shot in two ends of 30 seconds and as many arrows as can be loosed
in that time.

The archers may begin drawn and aimed, to release upon command. The use of a
tape recorder with a recording of the thirty second count-down is permitted
for timing the ends. In shooting a speed end, you MUST draw your own arrows,
NO ONE may hand them to you. If an arrow is in flight at the end of 30
seconds it will be counted.

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umm, slightly backwards-
20,30,40 yards, 6 arrows, no time limit
speed round @ 20 yards for 30 seconds, as many arrows as possible
helpful pyro

Baron Ainar has requested we start preparing to shoot an InterKingdom
Archery Competition to submit for scores. So Sundays practice will follow
the tournament format of 2 round of 6 arrows at 20 yds no time limit, 2
rounds at 20 yds as many as you can shoot in 30 secs, this is done at 30 yds
and at 40 yds as well.

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