[Northkeep] Archery is now Official

ainarm at cox.net ainarm at cox.net
Fri Aug 2 08:07:15 PDT 2002

Way cool on this.  Thanks again to HE Rumil for coming down and helping us out.  And bonus point to Angus for also getting warrented.  Very nice.  As to the IKAC I have just noticed in the past that Ansteorra is always low in the overall IKAC scores.  I would like to see Northkeep, obviously the best Barony in the Kingdom, become a leader in yet another area and post some good scores.  I know we have the skills in archery to accomplish this.  However it does not have to take over regular practices.  I would just like to see us try to have an IKAC shoot at least once a quarter or so.
Yet again congratulations on both our members getting warranted.

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