[Northkeep] Heraldic Commenting

Amanda Blackwolf AMANDABLACKWOLF at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 10 09:55:37 PDT 2002

Well, darn. Wish I could make it, but since I'm moving
my stuff from Muskogee to Tulsa, I won't be there. We
DID find a place here, we get to move into it in a
couple of weeks! But we are moving our stuff NOW, LOL!

Amanda Blackwolf
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Subject: [Northkeep] Heraldic Commenting

>Heraldic Commenting will be held tomorrow, Saturday
Aug. 10 at 2pm at the
>home of Lady Rosamund
>  From 11th street between Lewis and Delaware, turn
south onto Atlanta Pl.
>Go 3 & 1/2 blocks, Rosamund's house is the second
from the last on the
>right.  It is dark red brick with a huge rose bush
over the entryway.
>Address:  1314 S. Atlanta Pl.  Phone:  584-3019
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