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Take Hwy 64 west out of Tulsa (towards Sand Springs) to the 49th street
exit.  Turn right at the end of the off ramp and go to the next corner - the
road T's and there is a stop sign.  Turn right (I think that's Edison).
There will be 2 churches on your left and the house is the first house after
the churches.  They are way back behind the house so don't be discouraged if
you can't see them from the street.  I believe practice starts at 6:30 and
goes til dark.

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Greetings Unto The Barony!
   I checked the website, and saw the practice times for archery and
KAS, but did not see the location. I know it has been mentioned
previously on the list, but I am hoping that someone will overlook my
absent-mindedness and remind me where it is.
I hope to come up that way this evening.


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