[Northkeep] Joke/Losing the load

Geni Gorham geni_rn at swbell.net
Fri Aug 16 16:38:10 PDT 2002

What is the difference in posting a joke that someone might enjoy.  Then in who
wants a kitten, update on someone's kids, or need of a handy man.  They are all
off topic.  If you unsubscribe 1 you need to do it to all and make this a topic
specific list.  Northkeep business.
As far as I'm concerns the jokes were not offensive.  I look at this as X is ok
to post whatever they want but Y better not she get unsubscirbed.
 My 2 cents,

Marc Carlson wrote:

> >From: Dandi11382 at aol.com
> So, after ignorning complaints from the list, and my private request that
> you not do this -- all I can assume is that you are asking me to unsubscribe
> you.  Cool.  Bye.
> Marc/Diarmaid
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