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Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Fri Aug 16 18:20:07 PDT 2002

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I sent an update to Ciana last week, but I can send you a copy.  The drum and dance circles and drum classes are not guild meetings, nor are they official gatherings.

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  Hello guild leaders, I need your info on upcoming
  activites for this months saga.  I've heard on drum &
  dance, needleworkers, & shoe classes.  I need to hear
  from the rest of you guys ASAP if you want to be in
  the saga.

  Zanobia (sorry I know I'm butchering your name) I've
  got a ton of stuff for you guys unless there's
  something that hasn't been posted to drum list.  If
  you've posted it there then I've got it.


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