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> As for being told by the Baron to not do this.  I'm sorry but that isn't
> good enough for me.

> Anyone has the right to post what they want to share with this group.
> All I'm trying to say is I'm don't complain when there is something on the
> list I do not like, so what
> gives you the right to.  As I said delete without reading.
> As far as I'm concerned we are all equal when it comes to this list.
> Jessamy
> Something I feel strongly about, freedom of expression

I feel very strongly about freedom of expression also it is a core ideal of
America. But last time I checked (correct me if im wrong) this list belongs
to the Barony of North Keep, Kingdom of Ansteorra. In Ansteorra we choose to
be ruled by nobility as they were in the times we recreate and if we choose
to ignore the rullings/requests of the nobility than perhaps we should all go
play an American Revolution reenactment
i myself have at one time made inappropriate posting to this list and i was
reminded that there were children on this list and that they should not be
exposed to bad role modeling by us or anyone else. are rude jokes and
ignoring those in roles of leadership what we want to teach our youth. have
we as a society come so far as to think that freedom of expression is "I
don't care how appropriate or inappropriate this is i will do and say what
ever i want and i don't care who i offend or hurt" children are exposed to
enough trash language, gender/race bashing and adult topics without us their
role models encouraging that sort of thing. We are a family organization and
perhaps we should act like one.


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