<< P>> Re: [Northkeep] Joke/Losing the load

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Sun Aug 18 18:19:46 PDT 2002

Ok that is enough.....this all will cease and desist as of now.  I will have
this list become moderated where every post will have to be approved if I
have to.  I do not approve of personal emails being forwarded to the list
and this WILL stop now.  There has been enough discussion about this whole
subject already.  I just got in from being out this weekend which is why I
have not addressed this until now.
As to jokes on the email list I don't have a problem with jokes that won't
be found offensive by anyone.  Here is the statement I made in officer
meeting today.  If the joke can be told by a minister to a six year old
without the minister feeling inappropriate then it is prob. ok to be on the
list.  If not then it shouldn't be on here and I will tell you not to do so
Someone has now posted a private messge to the list.  This is detestable.
It is a well known fact that not everyone in our group likes every else.
Big surprise.  I know there are people who bitch about me behind my back.
It is ok.  I expect it and approve of it.  I don't anticipate or desire that
everything I do will make everyone happy.  But I do expect that the griping
about it be done in private.  Not in public.
So this being said this thread will now come to a screaching halt.  I do not
want to see any more about it.  All parties involved do not deserve the
grief that this is generating.
Baron of Northkeep.

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