[Northkeep] The Northkeep list aka "Troubles in paradise"

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Tue Aug 20 01:46:23 PDT 2002

Piotr wrote:
>I would respectfully request, that all of us - friends, acquaintances,
>neutrals and even those who detest each other - remember that this is a
>public list. The audience includes people of all ages, religious
>affiliations, ethnic backgrounds, and political sensibilities. For one
>reason or another, it also includes a number of people who do not live here
>in our environs, and do not actually *know* us as individuals, merely as the
>collective "Northkeep"... This forum has in the past unfortunately served as
>an unintentional vehicle for misinformation and utterly wrong impressions of
>our group to the world outside of the barony. It can, in issues like this,
>continue to serve the same purpose today.
>As surely as any event that we hold, this mail list/group thing is *one* of
>our very public faces to the world.

As usual, I am in agreement with Piotr.  This section reminded me of
something that I imagine escapes many people, this list is archived and
searchable, thus making it a very public forum.  It supprised me one time I
was searching for something with my e-mail address in it and I saw pages of
posts to ansteorra.org lists come up.


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