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Actually, well let me preface this with, I haven't done this in a very long
time but you should be able to just take the output of the tape directly
into the sound card IF your sound card has inputs (some do not)then it's a
simple matter of using winamp or some such program to rip it to MP3 or
WAV....MP3 is much more efficient on file size but you can burn .WAV such
that it will play on any CD player.

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So, question for all you techies out there - I have a cassette tape of sagas
being read by some norse guy (who sounds english, unfortunately) and an old
tape of one of my favorite ren-fair groups that I want to convert to an
audio file - an mp3 probably - and burn to cd.  Ainar is having some trouble
finding a program that will take the stuff from cassette to computer
file..........anyone have any suggestions?


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