[Northkeep] Help Needed For School Project....

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Aug 30 08:30:16 PDT 2002

>My neice is 8 years old and is in need of a medieval custome for a school
>field trip.  As most of you know I can not help her since I have all boys
>in my house!!  So does anyone have an outfit that she can borrow??  I know
>my sister-in-law will take care of it and will not harm it in any
>way.  Please contact me off list if you can help her out.
>Plus, I believe they might want to know if someone can come in and speak
>with the class a little bit about life back then.  So if anyone is
>interested please let me know.  I will have to get more information but I
>don't believe they will want fighting ... sorry guys!!
>Thanks for the help....

Ciana, I hope I can help with both things.  As a demo for the school, send
Catin's contact info on to the teacher so they can work something out.  For
all of our demos, they have to be approved by the Seneschel and she can
take care of that.  With Garb, I am sure I have something Peg has outgrown
that she can wear, send me size info off list.  I will also send with her
all of Peg's other garb in the general size range to help out the other
kids in the class.


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