[Northkeep] Thank you and information.  Re: [Northkeep] Domesday Book

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Wed Dec 4 14:30:13 PST 2002

WOW!  Go away for a month and everybody talks about you...or at lest something you did.  

Thank you, every one, for your words and support.  It helps...alot.  I first launched this project because I thought it would be neat to do and kind of unique.  I haven't seen any other group have something like this.   I could make it so much better if I had a printer which could print the color white.  Unless... of course...there's someone willing to hand paint each page for me.  

[If you're not interested in the nuts and bolts delete now.]

I thought I had set it up so it would be easy to maintain.  Instead it's turned into a massive amount of work.  Time consuming rather than difficult.  <footnote:  The document is 28Meg in size as a _Zip_ file.> I should have the next update published by wInterkindom.  

I tried to print updates mid summer but M$ added a bunch of artifacts when it printed that didn't appear on the screen.  Because of this, anything you've been awarded since approximately Investiture hasn't been added to the published copy even if I do have it in my electronic version.  I'm thinking of converting it into a series of PDF files for portability.  Heck, each person could have a PDF copy of their own page.  

"Edward Candland" <ecandland at earthlink.net> wrote:
>Yes, I would like to second that. The Domesday book is really beautiful and
>looks like a ton of work.

Thank you.

>As far as the on-line version I too would hate to
>see it go. If Marc would like someone to take over updating it, I would

Diarmaid sent me his poplist excel file which lists all populace members past and present.  [I think this is the file the on-line poplist is extracted from.]  I've been editing it to keep it in synch with the Domesday book.   If someone else picks up the task of the on-line copy I'll send you the file.

>> By the way, I'm not sure Damon's been as clear as he could be on this --
>> this isn't just for the people here in Tulsa, it's for the ENTIRE barony,
>> including all you folks in the Cantons.  Since he can't be expected to
>> everything about everyone, if you don't appear in there
>> _it's_your_own_fault_.

Yes!  I know I'm missing people from the outlying areas.  

Keep warm, keep safe.  


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