[Northkeep] List info - please read

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 9 06:35:43 PST 2002

This is important if you want to keep reading the list.

This morning there was another batch of subscription removals from the list
because they were bouncing messages.  This is part of the new software, and
is -probably- just unsubbing people with old accounts that have been taking
up space in the listings.  If anyone feels they have been unsubbed without
their wishes, they need to let me know.

The important part however is that this new software has very little waffle
room.  If you have online email sytems like AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail.  If you
let your mailbox fill up, you will start bouncing mail messages and the
system WILL unsubscribe you.  Sure, sometimes these things happen, and if
so, resubbing isn't a big headache.  And sure, sometimes we can't check our
mail as often as we'd like.  No big.  Just be aware that these are the
likely repercussions of letting your mail fill up.

I know that for me it would be easier if hotmail gave me a way to download
my mail to offline storage, but as it is I have to go through one at a time
and print off the things I want to keep.  Of course, in my case, I'm getting
what I've paid for (i.e. it's free, so what should I expect?).


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