[Northkeep] Gulf Wars Pre-Reg

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Tue Dec 10 08:11:29 PST 2002

Well, Angus has us up to 27 firm attendees with 6 more possible in the
Northkeep camp.  He is asking that anyone who sends in a pre-reg for
Northkeep get him a copy of their form so that he has concrete proof of our
number for the land-o-crats.

So, in order to keep Angus from hurting anyone the first day of the war
(BEG) please forward him a copy of your pre-reg form once you have it mailed
in.  If you do not see Angus around, you may give it to me or to his lovely
wife, Ciana and we will make sure it gets to him.  Also, please post
something to the list, or to me as those get mailed so that we can keep a
running total going.

Thanks everyone!!!!


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