[Northkeep] Crenellations Work Weekend

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Wed Dec 11 12:00:35 PST 2002

Sorry for the late posting.  We will be building the crenellations for the
Gulf Wars Gates this weekend starting at 10:00 am at 904 N Wilson in Sand
Springs.  The following tools will be needed:

screw guns
circular saws
tape measures

Lunch will be provided but you should bring whatever you care to drink.  A
link to a map to the house is below.  Call 810-0821 or 809-4612 if you need
further directions.

If we do not complete them on Saturday we will continue working on them
Sunday.  Also, don't forget that Officer's Meeting is Sunday afternoon at
3:00 at the library behind Woodland Hills Mall.



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