[Northkeep] Update on my mother

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri Dec 20 09:50:39 PST 2002

Just getting home and findinding my way through all the e-mail.  Mom is
home from the hospital and everything looks to be going well.  She is
joking about how she got the 'stomach stapling' procedure to loose weight
and she will soon be a fraction of her former self and my kids are asking
just what all internal organs grandma doesn't have anymore.  The most
humerous note of it all is when on Demerol mom had some wild dreams that
cosisted of Mike in armor defending her from all foes in the hospital-it
sounded quite colorful and he would do well at war to kill as many there as
he did at the hospital (SCA reference)

Please keep her in your thoughts as she heals and that I am up for anything
else I may need to do, for I am exhausted now.  Thank you all for the help
and the support through this time.


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