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Fitzmorgan at aol.com Fitzmorgan at aol.com
Sat Dec 28 12:15:38 PST 2002

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       For Sale one full set of SCA Armor and Weapons.

The Armor is in pretty good shape.  This includes:

An open faced helm with removeable bars.
A pair of Andy Ward gauntlets
A set of nice articulated elbows with attached leather vambraces
Knee cops attached to leather leg protection.
Almost new gorget
Kidney belt
Leather torso armor soaked in wax
1 half gauntlet for left hand
1 plywood shield with hand guard

Some of the weapons need work and most of them will need retaped.  These

A 9 foot fiberglass spear
2 - 1 hand swords with basket hilts.
A Great sword with nice steel quillions
A bastard sword
A 4 foot axe
A 6 foot axe
A 6 foot glave
A 3 foot piece of very heavy rattan.

       There may be a few other items when I start drqagging all of this out.

       I would like to get $200.00 for the lot and will sell it to the first
person who contacts me and offers to buy all of it.  If no one wants to buy
all of it I will sell indivdual items.  If someone in Mooneschadowe makes an
offer I will deliver.  I will bring the armor to NK populace meeting Monday
if no one buys it before then.    Preference will be given to buyer who wants
all of it and can pay up-front.  Email me or call me on my cell phone if you
are interested.


Robert Fitzmorgan

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