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I have not researched this but this is my thoughts of the subject. As far as
I know it is the same now as it was back then. Abbot is from the Aramaic
abba meaning father. Soooo, one would  address an abbot as father or father
superior in what ever language is appropriate. When I was a child I used to
attend mass at Mission San Luis Rey, we would address the abbot there as
Father Ignacio or if we were speaking Spanish as Padre Ignacio. Find the
word for father in Welsh or Icelandic .  I think the more interesting
question would be what the Abbot would call the 10th century Icelander.

There community and peers would address him in the same manner. The Pope
would address him the same as a member of  his abbey would.

By the way they still use the same coat of arm system today: green hat and
six tassels on each side in rows of three, tassels are black for Benedictine
or white for Cistercian or Premonstatensian, gold cross flanked by miter and
crosier, the  crosier is curved outward for a bishop and inward with veil
attached to knob for abbot. The arms of the diocese occupy the left side of
the shield and personal arms the right.

Good question for the first day of Advent, it was in the tenth century that
the first Sunday of Advent became the begining of the Church year.
Lady Elyssa de Orozco

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Greetings All,

I hope this holiday season finds you all well and warm.  I have a question
that someone out there may be able to help with or point me in the right
direction for an answer.

What would be the correct address for a 10th century Welsh Abbot?  As a 10th
century Icelander, I think some of my more coarse brethren may have
addressed them something like this, "how does that ax feel?"  But that's not
what I am looking for.  What I am looking for is how someone in their
community and/or a peer may have addressed them.  Can anyone out there help?

Sincere thanks,
Sir Balvin

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