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Thanks Diaramid!

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> >From: "Dennis England" <sirbalvin at worldnet.att.net>
> >What would be the correct address for a 10th century Welsh Abbot?  As a
> >10th century Icelander, I think some of my more coarse >brethren may have
> >addressed them something like this, "how does that ax feel?"  But that's
> >not what I am looking for.  What I am looking >for is how someone in
> >community and/or a peer may have addressed them.  Can anyone out there
> >help?
> "Abbot" simply means "father" (from the Greek "abbas",and coming through
> that whole monastic thingamadealie).   Originally itreferred to any monk,
> then later came to be restricted to the head of a monastery.  In 10th
> century English, the term was "Abbod".
> Therefore, "Pater" (Latin) would be appropriate, although "fadhir" would
> probably be correct for an Icelander, "gwal-adr" in Welsh, and "athair" in
> Irish.  Therfore it would likely be correct to use either Father or Abbot
> when talking to him, referring to his station, or trying to get his
> attention (i.e. "Hey Abbot!").    As for what an 10th century welsh Abbot
> would call a an Icelander, "Filius mio" or "my son" wouldn't be
> inappropriate :)   Since in the 10th century, Iceland was still partly
> inhabited with Irish monks, this might have been rendered "Hey, Mac!".
> Marc/Diarmaid
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