[Northkeep] Northkeep history questions

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 3 11:21:24 PST 2002

>From: "LRA" <lra at olpdsl.net>
>I have a couple of questions about Northkeep's history.
>When was Northkeep first begun as a group? And when did Northkeep
> >officially become a barony?


Although memories conflict regarding the -precise- sequence of events
(whether trees were created before humans, or vice versa) there is a general
concensus that the Tulsa chapter of the SCA had its origins when Lady Agnes
("an-yees") at the Mayday revel in the spring of 1976.  The first populace
meeting in the Nord was in 1978.  The group finally became "Northkeep"
(after various incarnations of Nord-aus-das Strom) August 19, 1983, although
it had been calling itself that for over a year by that point.  The official
date of Baronialness depends on whether you consider the date the BoD signed
off on it, or the date of the ritual elevation to be the "correct" date
(most people go for the latter).  The Elevation ceremonial to Barony for the
shire of Northkeep was in November 1996.


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