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Tue Dec 3 20:14:39 PST 2002

Yes, I would like to second that. The Domesday book is really beautiful and
looks like a ton of work. As far as the on-line version I too would hate to
see it go. If Marc would like someone to take over updating it, I would
volunteer. My Schedule shifts so much it's hard for me to commit to much and
I would really like to help out. This would be something I could do anytime.
Let me know.

Thanks, Fàelàn

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> >From: "Mercedes/Stephanie" <steldr at cox.net>
> >For those of you who were at populace and got to look at the wonderful
> > >book that Damon has created for the barony...
> You know, I would -really- like to thank Damon for his work on that book
> well -- he's put a lot of work into it, and quite honestly, I don't
> he's expecting anything for it.  That means he gets nothing for his
> but what appreciation we (as the populace) share with him.
> By the way, I'm not sure Damon's been as clear as he could be on this --
> this isn't just for the people here in Tulsa, it's for the ENTIRE barony,
> including all you folks in the Cantons.  Since he can't be expected to
> everything about everyone, if you don't appear in there
> _it's_your_own_fault_.
> Send him your information, please.
> (Finally, in case you've missed the memos, BTW, I've long since stopped
> updating the online variation of it as it's just too much for me to deal
> with and still get the rest of my work done.  Unless someone can give me a
> reason to just leave it there, it will eventually be going away)
> Marc/Diarmaid
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