[Northkeep] My mom in the hospital

Edward Candland ecandland at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 11 19:58:19 PST 2002

You have my prayers. My moms had a rough year medically also, so I know what
your going through

Hugs, Fàelàn

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Subject: [Northkeep] My mom in the hospital

> Just got home from a day in Tahlequah after taking my mom to the ER.  Her
> ulcer has attacked again and she has lost alot of blood as well as side
> effects from her falling and her blood sugar running high.  They have her
> in ICU for the night and so I am getting on last night of sleep in my own
> bed for awhile.  I would greatly appreciate prayers and thoughts for her.
> Thanks all and the ones in Tahlequah, stop by and see me if you have the
> Susan
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