[Northkeep] physical sites in relation to society location names

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I thought we gave you Guthrie, not Camp Cimarron.
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>Except that the coucil is in Enid so it would be
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> >>Welllll, physically it's in Mooneschadowe (it's on our side of the
> >>- but it probably has a Coyle po box or mail route - & Coyle is, of
> >>course, on the wrong side of the river.
>M/D asked:
> >So who owns it mundanely...?
>CampFire - based out of OKC.
>But if that's the criterion then Rundel must give up Robber's Cave -
>that's a State Park; and Northkeep would have Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp
>because the 101 Council merged with the Tulsa council.

No, the reason that I said technically Camp Cimmaron is Wiesenfeuer's is
that Mooneschadowe deeded it to me when I was Baron.  I still have the
deed!  Otherwise it would be Mooneschadowe's.


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