[Northkeep] Steel rivets and other

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Tue Dec 24 06:29:41 PST 2002

If you really want steel rivits.   Atwoods carries the rivits Wilhelm mentions.  They are in the section for sickle-bar mowers.  But working these is a tough task.  They are very long and they're very hard.

For helms, cops, etc. you really want what are called "tinners rivits".  They are fairly easily cut to length and are soft enough to peen well.  Check out the barrel helm Wilhelm loans out to new fighters.  It's hand constructed using tinners rivits.  Not pretty but solid.

In a pinch you can use 10 or 16 penny 'common' nails.  Use a bolt cutter to cut to length then peen.  But nails are generally brittle and will often fracture or crack when peened.

For leather work etc. the copper harness rivits are what folks are talking about.  EC leather downtown or Mid-Continent (now on 51 between BA & Coweta) are good sources.  !! Do not use these on structural joints in steel parts !!  Steel will eventually shear through the copper and if it's a joint on your helm that could be 'a bad thing'.  Decorative, OK.  Structure, BAD.

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