[Northkeep] Rumor Mill - Stops Here

gary&francine anderson brig-kat at swbell.net
Wed Jul 31 18:48:06 PDT 2002

 It has come to my attention that some of you may be concerned as to my
reasonings for my actions at Populace this past Monday.  Know now that
none of my friends that play actively had prior knowledge to my
actions.  I'm telling you now to not call anyone you may think that is
associated with me & for those that have already made the call - do not
make any more of them.  If you want to know why I resigned my standing -
even though I've already stated my reason - contact me personally OFF
LIST.  I will not tolorate a rumor mill, therefore I'm telling you now -
go to the source, which is myself.  I would hope that most people on
this list will have the courtesy to leave my friends out of what they
had no prior knowledge of & had nothing to do with and will discuss
things directly with me.
Lady Brigid MacCana

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