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Terry Wasson hatur2000 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 13 20:08:00 PDT 2002

Please let me know if the rataan is still for sale as  I Hatur would like to
buy some or all that is left

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>Greetings Good People,
>Sir Balvin here and I wanted to let you know I have some items for sale
>which may be of interest to some of you.  Actually Gest Grimsson is selling
>them I am the middle man.  They are:
>2 Mandrake Armoury helms:
>Barbute and a Fresian - $150 each.  These are both very nice and in fact
>the barbute was originally Roderick's own.  It fits my head.  The fresian
>is quite large.
>1 whole side of elk hide and a nearly complete side of buffalo.  $75 each.
>Both are very nice, soft as butter, and suited to making boots or shoes.
>5 staves of rattan that has been cut into lengths suitable for broadswords
>(it was the only way he could get it in his trunk), all are straight, stout
>and good diameter. $5 each
>2 small bundles of oak tan scraps w/plenty of good pieces in them.  Free to
>the first 2 people who ask me for them in person.
>I will have all of these items at the Wed. night sweatfest we like to call
>fighter practice if you are interested in seeing them.
>A completely mundane item: FREE TO A GOOD HOME  a 24" RCA console TV.  Gets
>a nice picture but the sound is either all up or all down.  Someone who
>knows how to fix such things might benefit from it.
>I thank you all for your time.
>In Service,
>Sir Balvin
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