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Do they fit the shaft okay or do they need to be a little smaller because I
can get you some 32 S&W casings too if they would fit better? Also in
regards to arrow length I can find no requirements on minimum length. What
is the weight of your crossbow in inch pounds? (take the throw length of the
string and multiply by the pull weight and that gives you inch pounds). For
a full listing of the most up-to-date archery rules you are always welcome
to ask me and then verify at http://archery.ansteorra.org this is the
Kingdom Page


P.S. Let me know how the 38 casing work for you!

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Got the 38 s  havnt tried them yet.  I was wanted to know if there was a
specific minimum length that Combat bolts had to be.  My bolts stick out
around 5in or so past the tiller.  I hope I can shorten them, if its
legal.  Lord  Wielhelm Da Kaalavo


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